Grand Final

  • This house, as a Western government, would recognise and establish ties with the Taliban government in Afghanistan.
  • Semifinals

  • This house regrets the substantial rise in charitable donations through cryptocurrency (e.g. individuals making charitable donations in cryptocurrency, the rise of crypto-entrepreneurs like Vitalik Buterin and Sam Bankman-Fried becoming major philanthropists).
  • Quarterfinals

  • This house would make marriage contracts automatically expire within 10 year periods, subject to repeated renewal.
  • Octofinals

  • THW subject all heavy industrial projects with large environmental effects (eg. fracking, mine boring) to approval by national referendum
  • Double-Octofinals

  • Double octos: THR the focus of progressive movements on iconic figureheads (e.g. Greta Thunberg and the climate movement, Bernie Sanders and the American left, Joshua Wong and the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong)
  • Round 1

  • The motion for this round has not been released.